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LED Display Manufacturers


LED (Light Emitting Diode) are very exciting & excellent media for indoor & outdoor advertising and are clearly visible from very long distance. It is providing to be the best way of generating more business in this competitive world.

Diason Ads in 1997 after adopting Moving Display technology we have expanded continued our line of activity from Led Display to Many other products too. Today we are the leader in India with a various range of products that covers Advertising, Mobile & Simcard Services, Multiplexes & Malls, Travel & Hospitality, Commerce, Architects, Transport, Sport, Financial, Retailing, Manufacturing and Entertainment sectors.

LED Display Boards featurers : 

Helping in improving more and more business, Gives your business a business look, Increases your profits with just a one time investments.

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  Led Modules
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Led Modules
(Backlite/ Sign/ Neon)
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